Parking Lots: Gravel VS Asphalt

Parking Lots: Gravel VS Asphalt

You have different options for your parking area, but two of the most familiar are gravel and asphalt. When examining your options, speak with several contractors for quotes and discover the advantages and disadvantages of each. However, it would help if you also researched to get impartial facts.

Our experts on asphalt paving in Lake County offer these things you need to know about gravel compared to asphalt lots:


Gravel has a more natural look than asphalt, which some people prefer, particularly for their homes. Nevertheless, a gravel parking area looks a bit amateurish for a company. It provides an unfinished look; when not maintained diligently, it can also look messy and run down.

An asphalt parking area produces a much more professional impression. It includes a more consistent tone and a considerably smoother surface. It also eradicates the cloud of dust and dirt that is kicked up on gravel and clings to your clients' automobiles.

Your parking area and building exterior are the first things people see to form an impression of your company. So make sure it makes the right first impression by constructing a lovely parking lot and maintaining it well.


Asphalt is easier to preserve than gravel. Over time, gravel compacts into the ground below it as individuals walk or drive on it. As a result, you will need to fill in sunken areas on gravel surfaces as they emerge and re-gravel the entire lot every few years to keep it looking robust and even. In addition, the cost of saturating and sustaining a gravel parking lot is massive, as there are strict dust control measures in many areas, and it's challenging to support ADA requirements.

With asphalt, you only require sealcoating periodically to keep the pavement strong and discourage cracks and potholes. You may also consider an asphalt overlay every decade to give it a new look.


Gravel is considerably more straightforward to install than asphalt, so it may be suitable if you need a quick fix. First, the base has to be prepared, and then the gravel is poured and spread. The whole procedure takes less than a week.

Asphalt installation is more complex. First, an asphalt contractor must evaluate the site to define the stability of the base and the grade. Modifications may then be required to the grade to confirm proper runoff of stormwater, which is abundant during the Florida rainy season. The contractor then lays the sub-base before positioning the last layer.

Asphalt installation can be rather time-consuming, depending on the work required to prepare the site. However, many individuals consider the additional time worth it because asphalt has an extended life span and delivers many other benefits.

Ultimately, you must consider these factors and more, comparing them to your company goals and budget to specify whether gravel or asphalt will be the more suitable choice. Working with experienced contractors in asphalt paving in Lake County can help you make the most sensible decision by answering all your inquiries and helping you comprehend the factors distinctive to your situation. We provide parking lot paving throughout Lake County. We can establish your parking lot and preserve it to ensure a prolonged life span. Contact us today to learn about your paving options.

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