What Issues Should I Look for in My Asphalt Parking Lot?

What Issues Should I Look for in My Asphalt Parking Lot?

When you pave your business parking lot, you benefit from a smooth, safe surface that welcomes your customers and employees. Not only do you boost your curb appeal, but you also promote your reputation by showing you value those who choose your business. A smooth and sleek asphalt parking lot can be achieved by keeping up with the maintenance and care of your pavement. As experts in commercial paving in Lake County, we are here to tell you exactly what types of issues you should look for in your asphalt. When you notice these issues, you will want to tackle the repairs as soon as possible.


Cracks can occur in your asphalt over time, especially if you have issues with moisture, sunlight, or heavy traffic.  The weight of heavy traffic and equipment can degrade the durability of your asphalt, which can result in traffic.  Also, without the right care, you may leave your asphalt more susceptible to water problems once moisture seeps into the asphalt.  Cracking can be quickly patched by an expert contractor if they are noticed early on.


Like cracks, potholes can also riddle an asphalt parking lot when you do not take proper care of your surfaces over time.  By neglecting routine care, you leave your asphalt susceptible to potholes that can provide a safety hazard and eyesore to your entire business.  They can start out as small cracks or holes in the surface, but when neglected, they become larger issues that you need to tackle immediately.

Dull Color

Freshly paved asphalt is a deep, black color. Over time, you may notice this color start to fade to a lighter shade of black or even gray. When you notice this color, you will want to perform routine sealcoating.  Asphalt surfaces can be protected with a layer of sealcoating, and this can be done quickly by a professional in one afternoon.  When you notice a gray or dull color in your asphalt, it is time for a seal or a resurfacing job.

Faded Striping and Painting

Another common issue of asphalt surfaces is faded line markings.  If you let your asphalt parking lot line fade, this may cause issues with the traffic flow and safety of your parking lot.  If you notice these issues, you will want to talk with the professionals to discuss the proper flow of your parking lot before painting. This can also help to adhere to ADA regulations, safety standards for your business, and space optimization.

Standing Water

Standing or pooling water can also wreak havoc on the interior structure of your asphalt parking lot.  This typically indicates that there is an issue with your catch basin, like a clog or poor drain.  When this occurs, the water will not properly run off your parking lot.  If this issue is neglected for too long, it can cause cracks and potholes to form.

When you notice any of these issues, you want to trust the experts in commercial paving in Lake County to take care of any repairs or maintenance you need. Trust the Florida Asphalt Guy with all your paving and repair needs! Contact us to get a free estimate of your asphalt parking lot paving or care today.

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