Common Issues with Poorly-Installed Concrete

Common Issues with Poorly-Installed Concrete

Many of us assume that concrete is a “set it and forget it” kind of job. However, when it comes to installing concrete, there are many factors that need considered and the process should be done correctly, otherwise you may have costly repairs in your future. If you live in Lake County, here are some common issues you should be aware of when it comes to poorly-installed concrete.

Poor Preparation of Sub Base

One of the most common mistakes made when installing concrete is not properly preparing the sub base. The sub base provides stability for the entire surface and helps avoid cracking from shifting soils. Without proper preparation, major erosion or settling can occur over time, leading to costly repair work. When preparing the sub base, ensure that a good quality soil is used with appropriate compaction levels and an even grade across the entire surface area. For areas greater than 4 inches thick, consider using a gravel material instead of soil as this will create more stability and help reduce cracking or settling over time.


Incorrect Slope/Grade on Exterior Surfaces

Another common issue associated with improperly installed concrete is incorrect slope or grade on exterior surfaces such as driveways or sidewalks. This problem can lead to water pooling on the surface which can cause further damage such as warping or cracking over time. To avoid these issues, make sure that any sloped surfaces have been graded correctly so that water will flow away from buildings or other structures rather than standing on top of them for extended periods of time. Additionally, consider adding drainage systems such as French drains to ensure water does not pool on your property after rain storms or snow melts.


Inadequate Rebar/Wire Mesh Reinforcement

Concrete needs reinforcement in order to keep its structural integrity intact for years to come. If rebar (or wire mesh) has not been used during installation then you are at risk for cracking due to soil movement beneath the surface or pressure from heavy vehicles (such as cars). Make sure your contractor includes rebar/wire mesh reinforcement in their preparation process so that your new installation will stand up against whatever Mother Nature throws its way!


Properly installed concrete is essential for creating long lasting surfaces around your home without having to worry about costly repairs down the line. By understanding some common issues with improperly installed concrete in Lake County—such as poor preparation of the sub base, incorrect slope/grade on exterior surfaces, and inadequate rebar/wire mesh reinforcement—you can take proactive steps towards avoiding these problems before they become serious issues requiring expensive repairs! With proper planning and quality materials you can create a beautiful outdoor space without worry!

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