How to Protect Your Asphalt from Tree Damage

How to Protect Your Asphalt from Tree Damage


Trees are an important part of our landscape, but they can cause damage to asphalt and other hard surfaces. The roots of trees can crack hard surfaces like asphalt, making it difficult to repair and potentially leading to further damage. So, how do you protect your asphalt from tree damage? At Custom Construction Paving LLC, we’re here to help! Here’s a look at some of the ways you can minimize tree damage to your asphalt paving.

Choose the Right Trees for Your Area

The first step in minimizing tree damage is choosing the right trees for your area. When selecting trees for planting near your home or business, make sure that you consider the size of their root systems and the type of soil in which they will be planted. If possible, select smaller trees with shallow root systems that are suitable for the climate in your area. This will help to ensure that their roots don’t grow too large or spread too far and cause damage to surrounding hard surfaces like asphalt paving and driveways.


Maintain Proper Distance Between Trees & Pavement

Once you have selected the right trees for your area, it’s important to maintain proper distances between those trees and hard surfaces like asphalt paving. Generally speaking, a distance of at least 8 feet should be maintained between mature trees and pavement. This leaves enough room for the tree roots to grow without causing any significant damage to the pavement. Additionally, if possible, planting shrubs or ground cover plants around the base of trees can help further protect against root-related damage.


Call an Asphalt & Paving Contractor Today

If you have already noticed signs of tree-related damage on your asphalt paving or driveway, it may be time to call an experienced asphalt contractor like Custom Construction Paving LLC in Clermont. Our team of expert pavers has years of experience installing and repairing all types of asphalt paving projects throughout Central Florida. We offer a range of services including new construction projects as well as repairs for damaged pavement due to tree roots or other causes. Contact us today for more information about our services or if you would like a free estimate on your next project!



Trees are an important part of our landscape but they can also cause significant damage if not properly maintained around hard surfaces like asphalt paving. To minimize this risk, it’s important choose the right types of trees with shallow root systems that won't spread too far when planted close by pavements; it is also essential that proper distances are maintained between these trees and pavements such as driveways and parking lots in order to prevent any potential damages from occurring over time due to their roots growth. Should any damages occur due to tree damages then please contact Custom Construction Paving LLC in Clermont so our expert pavers can assess and repair any existing damages caused by these issues so that no future problems arise from them!

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