How Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Installation

How Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Installation

Asphalt is an excellent material for constructing driveways, roads, and parking lots. In addition to being durable, it also looks sleek and adds aesthetics to your property. Nonetheless, weather conditions can affect asphalt installation, which is why proper planning and preparation are essential. In this blog post, we'll show you how adverse weather conditions are likely to impact your asphalt pavement installation. More importantly, we'll give you tips on how to plan your project. Read on to learn more.

1. High Temperatures and Asphalt Installation

Did you know that high temperatures can adversely impact asphalt installation? It’s true! When it’s too hot, the asphalt particles heat up as well, and they become more challenging to work with. This makes it trickier for the installation team to achieve a smooth and even surface, which can lead to bumps, cracks, and unevenness in the finished product. To avoid this, it is best to schedule your asphalt installation on cooler days or during cooler hours.

2. Rainy and Humid Weather

Rain and humidity can seriously impact the asphalt installation process. When the air is humid or wet, the asphalt particles can become too moist, making it challenging for the installation team to achieve the desired compaction. This can result in a weaker asphalt pavement with a shorter lifespan, which is not ideal if you want a durable and long-lasting pavement. To ensure that your asphalt pavement lasts longer, schedule your installation for dry and less humid days.

3. Cold Temperatures

When the weather is too cold, it can become challenging to install asphalt properly. During cold temperatures, the asphalt particles become harder and become more challenging to work with, including difficult compaction and smoother surfaces. When the soil is frozen, it's also tough to level it properly. Scheduling construction work during the summer months ensures a better quality installation of asphalt paving.

4. Expert Help for Asphalt Installation

As you've seen, weather condition is one of the crucial factors that can impact the quality and lifespan of your asphalt pavement. If you want to get the best out of your pavement, you should reach out to the right experts, such as Custom Construction Paving. Our experienced teams understand the nuances of various weather conditions and know-how to create the best asphalt pavement possible. We can help you plan your project to ensure that your pavement is installed in the right conditions, and the quality of the material is guaranteed.



Asphalt installation is a significant investment, and, as such, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to ensure that it lasts longer. Weather can significantly impact the lifespan of asphalt, and it’s vital to plan accordingly. With Custom Construction Paving’s expert teams, we can help you achieve the best asphalt pavement in Sumpter County, FL. If you need help with commercial paving in Sumpter County, FL, contact us today, and we will be glad to help you get the best quality asphalt pavement installed under perfect weather conditions.

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