Signs You Should Replace Your Parking Lot

A paved parking lot makes parking more comfortable for your clients. They don't have to stress about dealing with muck and mud when they get out of their automobiles. Paving also makes their movement into and out of your parking area smoother and more relaxed. But, paving doesn't last forever and will need to be restored or replaced. Our experts on tar and chip seal in Clermont, FL, offer the signs you need to replace your parking lot.


While little cracks that don't touch aren't a massive problem, they are a sign of pavement damage. If your lot has those kinds of cracks, you will need to restore it before the impairment worsens. But, if you notice huge cracks that link or look like spiderwebs or alligator skin, you have a more considerable problem. Again, large cracks are a signal that your lot needs replacement.


Paved parking lots should last about 20 years. The timeframe will vary slightly depending on your climate, but 20 years is a sound rule of thumb. If your parking area is approaching that age, you need to consider replacing it. If you are unsure about the lot's age, you may need to go ahead and replace it if you have begun to see indications of more advanced damage.


While potholes will occur due to wear and tear, the older your paved parking lot is, the more likely it is to develop potholes. On top of that, old lots are more likely to get potholes deep enough to reach the base of the parking area. Unfortunately, damage that severe can't be repaired, so you should replace your parking area if foundation-deep potholes have emerged.

Sunken Places

Your parking lot relies on a good foundation to stay sturdy. Unfortunately, over the years, that foundation can begin to wash away or wear down. As a result, your parking lot will start to sink in places with a missing foundation material. Sunken areas will pivot into severe potholes and can even provoke tire damage to your client's vehicles. Replace the lot before more severe damage can occur.

Drainage Issues

If you detect a lot of moisture sitting or pooling in your parking area or the water flows toward one side, that signals your parking lot has issues. When contractors poured the lot, it should've been constructed and poured so it would drain accurately, including having drains established. But an impaired lot can lose its level and begin holding water, raising the risk of impairment. If your lot retains moisture, it likely needs to be replaced.

Regular Restorations

If your lot demands frequent repairs, you might need to replace it. But, unfortunately, all those restorations will wear away at your wallet. They will also do more damage to your parking area because damaged places can't maintain repair patches the same way that sturdy paving can. When this occurs, the repair patches require new patches, which feeds a rotation of enduring repairs. So instead of restoring the lot constantly, invest in a new, robust lot.

These are a few signs you should replace your parking lot. Contact us today if you need paving or tar and chip seal in Clermont, FL. We want to be your paving contractor.

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