Top Causes of Asphalt Damage

Top Causes of Asphalt Damage

Asphalt is a widely used material for both residential and commercial paving. It offers durability, strength, and a smooth surface for a variety of applications. However, even with its impressive benefits, it’s subjected to frequent wear and tear that can lead to damage. Understanding the top causes of asphalt damage can help you take preventive measures to keep your pavement functional for as long as possible. In this post, we’ll examine the top causes of asphalt damage to help you reduce the need for maintenance and prolong the lifespan of your pavement.

1. Water Damage

Asphalt is porous, meaning that water can easily penetrate through its surface and damage the pavement. This damage occurs due to the freezing and thawing cycles that cause the water to expand and contract, thereby weakening the asphalt. In addition, water can also wash away the binding agents that hold the asphalt together, making it more susceptible to cracks and potholes.

2. Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic is a significant contributor to asphalt damage, especially in commercial and industrial settings. When vehicles pass over the surface, the asphalt is subjected to repeated weight and pressure, which can lead to cracks and other pavement issues. Commercial paving in Clermont, FL, must also consider the weight of the heavy-duty equipment that passes over the surface on a regular basis.

3. Exposure to Extreme Weather

Asphalt is designed to withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, including heat, cold, and sunlight. However, sustained exposure to such conditions can cause the material to deteriorate, which can lead to damage. For instance, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause the asphalt to dry out and become brittle, making it more susceptible to cracks.

4. Improper Installation

One of the most significant contributors to asphalt damage is improper installation. If the asphalt is not installed correctly, it can lead to problems such as insufficient thickness, poor drainage, and uneven surfaces. These issues can eventually lead to more severe problems such as cracking, potholes, and wear.

5. Lack of Maintenance

Neglecting to maintain your asphalt pavement can lead to a variety of problems, including potholes, cracks, and pavement failures. Regular maintenance tasks such as sealcoating, crack sealing, and pothole repair can help prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your pavement.



By understanding the top causes of asphalt damage, you can take preventive measures to avoid or minimize the need for repairs. At Custom Construction Paving, we specialize in commercial paving in Clermont, FL, and we can provide you with a wide range of paving services to prevent damage to your asphalt pavement. Contact us today to get your free quote and protect your investment in your pavement.

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